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Tyler Krug, who writes and records post-rock music out of his Columbus State dorm in Georgia, is huge in Costa Rica right now—and all it took was for another artist to plagiarize his music.

When you start to backtrack, the story only gets weirder.

In December of 2012, Krug released the Foreign Territory EP on his Bandcamp page. The 21-year-old musician describes the effort as nothing more than “a chance for me to share my music.” It’s a well-crafted, sonically diverse 35 minutes, and Krug’s modesty about it only makes you think that the injustice that came next couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

Until about a week ago, Krug was on a month-long stay in Italy. During that time, away from the distractions of constant internet connection, he pored back over the six songs on Foreign Territory, each a product of his last three years at…

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The Daily Post

We’ve talked about the philosophy of photography and offered a two-part overview of the craft, and now we’re ready to dig deeper. As Ming Thein discussed in his posts, light is crucial to this process. No light, no photograph.

Wenjie Zhang, the photographer at A Certain Slant of Light, is passionate about architecture, landscape, still life, and travel photography. Here in part one, Wenjie introduces exposure and three elements: shutter speed, aperture, and ISO. Next week, he’ll wrap up our light lesson and discuss the quality and direction of light, and more. Much of what’s covered below applies to those of you with SLRs and dSLRs and cameras with manual modes, but we’ll sprinkle in tips for those with cameraphones and point-and-shoot cameras, too.

Introducing Light

At the heart of every photo is a story, and like ink and paper, many elements come together to tell that story. One…

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Calling all cartoonists! We’re excited to debut Panel, a new theme for quickly and easily publishing serial webcomics. Whether you’re sketching up physics humor or mulling on the ironic nature of the human condition, Panel gets your art out there — and helps your beautiful work look even better.

Creating a new comic is as easy as drag-and-drop: place your latest image file anywhere in the browser window to generate a new comic post. Add an optional title or description, then hit “Publish.” You’re done!

Panel makes serial publishing effortless for you and gives your audience what they want most — more comics! The home page displays your latest strip front-and-center, and your readers can easily browse the rest of the series using the navigation underneath, or see where it all began by exploring the series archives.

There’s also a space for Featured Content. Announce upcoming convention appearances, keep your fans up…

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The Daily Post

We stumble upon sites across with great names. Periodically, here on The Daily Post, we’ll chat with bloggers on how they chose the perfect blog name. Recently, we talked with Sean Manning at Talking Covers. Today, we’d like to introduce Alli Burness, the writer and museum professional at Museum in a Bottle.

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