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Tyler Krug Facebook picture

Tyler Krug, who writes and records post-rock music out of his Columbus State dorm in Georgia, is huge in Costa Rica right now—and all it took was for another artist to plagiarize his music.

When you start to backtrack, the story only gets weirder.

In December of 2012, Krug released the Foreign Territory EP on his Bandcamp page. The 21-year-old musician describes the effort as nothing more than “a chance for me to share my music.” It’s a well-crafted, sonically diverse 35 minutes, and Krug’s modesty about it only makes you think that the injustice that came next couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

Until about a week ago, Krug was on a month-long stay in Italy. During that time, away from the distractions of constant internet connection, he pored back over the six songs on Foreign Territory, each a product of his last three years at…

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